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New Year - New Approach - New Learning From the Bad Things?

Posted Sunday, 13th July 2014 11:30 am by Canadian Independent Executive Companion in London 0 comments » Tags:  advice  client  clients,  escort  experiences  for 

Dissatisfaction is one of those emotions that rears its head in our lives and that we generally consider undesirable. It may sometimes live in the background unspoken.  Often it creeps up on us when life seems to be going along swimmingly.  Declaring our dissatisfaction challenges us.  We mute ourselves because we believe that admitting it means we aren’t successful or because we believe it will be interpreted as whining or blaming.  We "should" be happy, and we interpret that dissatisfaction is the opposite of happiness (which, by the way, is one of the three things the U.S. Declaration of Independence singles out as aims—“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”). The problem denying  dissatisfaction is that it persists.

A reframing of dissatisfaction can begin with asking what it is. We sometimes try to convince ourselves that we are not dissatisfied (denial), we distract ourselves with some form of excitement (shopping, television, food), or we simply blame our dissatisfaction on what we believe is the source (partner, job, money) and never face it.  The emotion shows up, we assess it as “bad,” “wrong,” or “unimportant,” and never consider the possibility of listening to it.  But what if we listened and considered that dissatisfaction (and every emotion) is there to inform us about our interactions with the world?  What might dissatisfaction be trying to tell us?

It is trying to point to something important for you and something you believe could be improved.  Perhaps there is a conversation missing.  Maybe you need to make a request of someone.  Maybe you have an offer not yet spoken.  Maybe there is a declaration brewing.  What would it take to change your relationship with dissatisfaction?  If you currently hold dissatisfaction as a negative emotion, shifting to the belief that dissatisfaction could be a friendly helpful emotion would be a big step.  Then you could get curious about what it is trying to teach or point you toward.

How do you get unstuck from dissatisfaction?

  1. Notice the sensations of dissatisfaction in my body, emotions or stories (thought).
  2. Name them dissatisfaction.  Declare it.  Claim it.  Own it.
  3. Accept it.
  4. Answer the question: “What conditions, if they existed, would allow me to say I’m satisfied?”
  5. Make a plan to fulfill those conditions.

Here’s an example:

  1. I notice an unpleasant tightening of my stomach and resistance every time I think of asking for love making from my partner.
  2. I tell myself (or someone else) that I’m not satisfied living with this discomfort.  There must be a better way.
  3. I accept it. I acknowledge that “this is how my life is.” I’m not going to continue “wishing” for something different or escaping from it.
  4. I decide that I want to have a better feeling associated with sex with my partner.
  5. Either alone or with help, I create a plan to achieve this.

Moving toward satisfaction does not guarantee we will arrive.  What often happens is that as we approach what we had believed would satisfy us, we realize it is not the end of the journey.  Sometimes we can make another choice, which is to live with dissatisfaction.  Although a meal at a new restaurant or the price of a something you purchase may not completely meet your conditions of satisfaction, you may choose to accept it.  This is something to consider in other areas of life.

How is this acceptance different from complacency or resignation?  In acceptance you are open to the possibility that at some point it may be different.  In resignation you're denying that possibility.  In complacency you have not made or are unwilling to make the effort to achieve satisfaction.

Who Gives High End Companions the Right to Claim Gifts?

...and how do men complain about this greed on one hand and support it on the other?

See for yourself at my travel companion's blog .

Aromatherapy for Animal Owners

While we are all animals, some of us have animals as well!  And it is those of you keen pet owners [and their dogs] who will welcome the tips for how you can use aromatherapy in this area.  Find them at my massage blog .

4 Much Less Obvious Benefits of Massage for Any Man

Posted Sunday, 13th April 2014 9:04 am by Canadian Independent Executive Companion in London 1 comment » Tags:  benefits  Canadian  central  City  for  in  london  london,  massage  massage,  men  men,  mobile  of  the  therapist  UK, 

So much has been written on benefits of massage already, so what news could there possibly be?

Get surprised and educated from my massage blog .

Last days - Must be seen!

Posted Thursday, 3rd April 2014 11:04 am by SexyLondonGirls 0 comments » Tags:  couples  escort,  escorts  escorts,  for  minded  open  russian 



This slim and Russian beauty is sure to set your heart on fire. You don't want to miss an opportunity to taste what Dasha has to offer. Behind this vivacious vixen's innocent appearance lies a fun-loving, sexy girl who loves life. Her perfect body is sure to draw out your deepest desires. Spend some time with Dasha and learn firsthand why she is a top London escort. You'll be glad you did!


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Too Much Sitting Around?

If you are one of those types who spend a lot of their everyday life time sitting either in a car or at the desk, this will add incredible value and tremendous benefits into your life – if you choose to make it your own!

Learn it all at my massage blog .

Gents, Is It Worth Your Energy?

How are you voting with your energy?  What do you want in your life?  What are your highest values?  Is having the right people around you important to you?  How often do you do what it takes so you cultivate having the right people around you?  Is connection a high value of yours?  How often do you choose to connect with others?  Get the details from my travel companion's blog .

Money Money Money...

Posted Wednesday, 12th March 2014 7:54 am by Canadian Independent Executive Companion in London 0 comments » Tags:  ADULT  amount  an  and  are  cost,  do  end  escorts  escorts,  fees  for  high  how  money  much  of  on  optimal  services  services,  spend  spent  to  what's  worth, 

With each cent you spend, you’re voting.  Spending money is as much a political act as, or even more so than, casting your vote on an election day.  Every time you purchase a product or service, you’re helping an individual or a corporation to stay in business.  Your vote says that you want the product or service to exist in the world.   What implications does this have on your choice of selecting providers of adult services?

Find out from my travel companion's blog .

Gents, Don't Waste Your Time [on Women Who Don't Deserve It]?

Every minute you‘re making choices.  Think of the options of saying yes or no to (s)exercise. By saying yes to one activity you’re saying no to a million others.  Yet, many men I’ve come across are making choices that prove wasteful, but unfortunately, these individuals don’t see that it is this wastefulness that often frustrates them…  What and why?  Find our from my travel companion's blog .

You Get As Good As You Give!

Posted Sunday, 23rd February 2014 6:38 am by Canadian Independent Executive Companion in London 0 comments » Tags:  advice  better  for  giving  imtimate  in  intimacy  life,  men,  moments,  of  on  performance,  quality  sex  sex,  sexual 

There will always be men who will go into their special moments of life with a giving attitude and there’ll always be ones who will go into them with the opposite attitude.  These types will operate under the mantra “I’m paying money, so it’s your job to entertain me.”   But how do they expect to be given all the genuine human connection, warmth, and smile they crave if they’re not prepared to give the same?

Get the rest at my travel companion's blog

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