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Discover the links between sex and exercise with Fitness Escorts London.

Posted Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 9:45 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  escorts  escorts,  Fit  fitness  london,  OUT  working 

Sex ercise has become very popular in recent years because there is nothing more rewarding than combining pleasure and exercise to keep fit and Fitness London Escorts knows this. Doing a bit of physical exercise can boost your sex life and these fitness escorts can help you with both as they are experts.

Having a healthy lifestyle and exersing can make you perform better sexually and believe it or not doing a little before sex can make the moment much more pleasurable. Invite a fitness model to join you for some physical activity and then have the best sexual experience imaginable. A little sweat and fun never looked so good.

Another benefit that exercise can have for you is that after doing it you will have a higher libido, so having a bit of sporting action before meeting that beautiful Fitness Escorts London you choose from our gallery can turn you into a stud when you are with her between the sheets.

If exercise seems boring to you, sexercise with a fitness girl can be your thing, because a vigorous sex session can burn a lot of calories and honestly this type of exercise is more rewarding and the company is much better.

Start having healthier habits, take care of yourself a little bit and include in your exercise routine some sexy Fitness Escorts London to make everything better and more fun, because with them you will have pleasure and complacency while doing an invigorating physical activity that can lead you to the best orgasm you have ever had.

Be the teacher of Teen Escorts London and fulfil your fantasy.

Posted Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 9:44 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  escorts  escorts,  london  london,  teen 

Wouldn’t you like to have a sexy student who wants to learn a thing or two from you? Or who behaves like the naughtiest girl and you can fulfill that teacher/student fantasy you so desire? With one of our Teen Escorts London, you can fulfil that dream and much more. Many of these ladies are real students, so you won’t have to pretend and the experience will be much more realistic, passionate and with all the entertainment the situation deserves.

Choosing one of these very young ladies will give you all the sensations you want to experience from a vivacious lady who wants to be your naughty student and you her teacher. Teen Escorts London will give their best to get the best grade in their anatomy and pleasure class. If you have had this kind of dreams these accommodating ladies are what you have been longing for as they will give you everything you desire and take your erotic dreams to another level. You can be the strictest teacher of all or a very accommodating one, the important thing is that you give yourself to passion and make that fantasy come true with the girl of your dreams.


Be the best teacher in the arts of love and these Teen Escorts London will be the most accommodating, attractive, dynamic and sensual escorts you could wish for. Choose from one of the brunettes, blondes and redheads who will be at your disposal to fulfil your basest passions. These ladies can fulfill not only your teacher/student fantasy, but they have a large arsenal of costumes and ideas that can make your moment of pleasure magical and exciting. With a teenage girl you will never run out of ideas in bed and they will give you pleasure on every level you desire. What more can you ask for from a sexy girl?

Learn new things with a mature escort London

Posted Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 9:42 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  escort  london  mature 

Do you like to experience things in and out of the bed? for this kind of thing it is necessary to have women who really know about the subject and who want to please all your carnal desires and for that, there are mature escort London, because they will fulfil everything you want and need. And if we recommend these ladies it is because reviews are in favour of them and above all, they are a testimony of everything they can teach you.

Mature women have no barriers so they really know what they want and will be able to give you what you need even before you ask for it because they know how to read male bodies like books open to pleasure. London Escorts are very daring and full of experiences so they will not be afraid to teach you new sexual positions and games that make everything spicier. They will push you to try new things to delight you in other ways whit all the knowledge that one of these women can bring to an encounter the possibilities are endless and creativity is never lacking.


Mature escort London are some of the most sought after ladies because with their experience they really make the difference between the ordinary and something extraordinary and worth repeating. These girls will be able to try even things that are new to them as they will always have the best willingness to learn as well.


Become the ultimate student and choose your teachers who will teach you some of their tricks and give you the best time between the sheets. A good reason to always have these girls in your priorities and especially as one of the best options to have a good time is that they will give you confidence and make you a more confident version of yourself. Feel like the best and enjoy the best with one of the women here.

Hairy escorts in London are the greatest professionals in seduction

Posted Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 9:41 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  armpits,  escorts  escorts,  hair,  hairy  legs,  london  pussy  with 

London has everything you need to spend a fantastic evening with a beautiful open-minded woman who is ready to satisfy all your sexual needs whenever you ask for. Hairy escorts London has a wide variety of services that they offer to gentlemen of all ages and have the necessary experience to ensure you have a great moment of pleasure. If you like completely natural women, here you can find the one that is right for you and it will surely make you feel comfortable from the first moment you meet her. You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect woman for your fetish because here we have everything that you need. You can choose between young, tender and mature women to be your sexual partners and entrust your body to them to make you overflow with pleasure.

There are hairy women escorts for all preferences and all will have the necessary experience to give you an unbeatable night. You can find slim and plus-size girls, of any ethnicity and with different personalities, but all of them will have in common that they will wear a hairy body. Hairy escorts London are characterized by ensuring that their clients always want to hire them again and at all times they are willing to make any fantasy that the gentlemen may have come true. If you want to reserve a place to have sex with one of these ladies you can be sure that you will not regret it.

hairy london escorts

If you are one of the guys who prefers women with a more alternative style, you can also choose to ask your favorite escort to paint her body hair the color you like the most. Now you can penetrate a multicolored hairy pussy and get a GFE full of kisses, dances, massages and juicy sex that will make you forget any problems you may have. The girls with a lot of hair can also be the ones that surprise the most in bed and you should not be left with the doubt of knowing what it feels like to share a moment of passion with one of the hairy escorts in London.

Do you like dominant girls? A Strap On London Escort is what you are looking for?

Posted Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 9:39 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  N/A 

The practice of pegging as well as the use of strapons is usually associated with BDSM practices because when you are in the role of a submissive, receiving anal stimulation with dildos, vibrators and other toys is usually common practice. If you want to enjoy the stimulation yourself with a sensual female strap-on domination escort in London you are in the right place because these ladies will make you the most satisfied and pleasured submissive of all. So get ready because when a strap on London escort comes into your life it will be all about gratification and amazing sensations.

When you surrender to pegging and give all the control to a strap on London escort you will only have to concentrate on what you are going to feel and prepare yourself for the great cum that will overwhelm you because even if you are a submissive remember that this is always about giving and receiving pleasure and having a great time. With our hot and talented women, this will always be possible as they give their best to make you feel pleasured by the strap-on dominatrix of your choice.

If there is one thing that is also important to add is that every gentleman should at least once see a leashed, leather-clad or naked girl for you, as seeing and receiving everything that these girls have is simply an erotic act of being penetrated and getting that point of desire. The best part of all this is that the strap on London escort that are available at our agency are all with different traits, but with dominant and also lovely personalities and looking to get as much pleasure out of their session as possible, so we recommend that you give it your all and let one of our pleasure and bedroom mistresses take control so you can be the best serviced submissive in town.

Top 5 facesitting escorts in London

Posted Wednesday, 2nd November 2022 6:24 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  escorts  facesitting 


If you are looking for a night of intense pleasure with the best facesitting escorts in London, you are in the right place. Nowadays there are many girls who just by calling themselves escorts believe that they have the quality that merits being one, but only the women of Theory Love Escorts and a few other agencies really meet the levels of satisfaction that a man requires.

Today we are going to list the ones that we promise you, are the best in town and that besides facesitting have a great amount of services that will bring you the most intense pleasure you have ever experienced.


Anitta is one of the best girls you can get among all those available. She has sensual eyes and has the ability to make any man who passes by her fall in love with her hips. She has delicate olive skin and a soft yet seductive nature that makes you can't take your eyes off her.

The perfect london escort for a whole night, among her services you can not only highlight the face sitting but also her favorites like roleplay, where she will adapt to the role of a sexy secretary or a schoolgirl waiting for you to help her improve her grades.

And it is worth mentioning how expert she is in body to body massage, where you will be able to feel her whole body next to yours with a little oil in between. Don't be shy, she is waiting for you, go straight to our whatsapp.


Lara is one of the sexiest women we have on our site, and one of the roughest too. If you like girls with tattoos that don't lose their femininity but have a strong and dominant character, Lara is the ideal girl for you.

She is not only limited to face-sitting, among her services you can find everything from dirty tal to striptease and spanking. She is an expert in rough and dominant sex where she can easily be passive or active depending on what you need.

Black hair, tall, slim, slim, tits and a big juicy ass that is ready to have fun with you for a good time. Don't wait any longer, stop looking at her pictures and get in touch with us so you can have her in your face bouncing around.


Naomi is another London escort and of our naughty girls who may look innocent and calm but just waits for the first moment of trust to put on her latex outfit and order you around. She is a natural beauty who is immediately attracted to her serious and elegant image, at the first touch she is always innocent, but she loves it when you put yourself at her feet and let her dominate you.

Don't worry, pleasure is guaranteed, she is a woman willing to give everything to ensure that you are having a good time as long as you enter her services, where we can highlight the foot fetish, prostate massage, fisting giving and many more. If you are interested, just look for her page on our website and ask for her at the number listed there. She loves men who are willing to experience new things, and who don't mind playing for a while exploring each other's bodies to find out what gives the most pleasure.

She is also a fan of toys for both her pleasure and yours, specify if you have your own or if you want her to take care of that part, and remember she is available right now to come to your apartment to have some fun alone.


Selena is a charismatic and delicate girl, although she has a big sexual appetite and a huge desire to bounce her ass on your face while you ask for more. She's a girl who really looks sweet and is a total savage when it comes to taking her clothes off. She loves determined men, and enjoys threesomes as long as she is warned beforehand to prepare herself a bit.

She is ready to entertain you with one of her erotic massages that will make you want to hit her against the wall. She loves passionate sex and creating a needy connection with her clients, probably if you try her once you won't be able to get out of her loop and will come back for more as soon as possible. So we warn you to take your precautions, this green-eyed black-haired beauty can easily become addictive for people who have no control over their instincts.

She is very petite so she is ideal for a 69, which she enjoys with all her being and will ask you to try as long as you are willing to give this lady some pleasure as well. She knows very well what she likes and how she likes it, and she is a fierce guesser.



Rayssa is a big, voluptuous woman with a tremendous ass that she loves to put on top of you. A powerful blonde who loves to roleplay and show you her most creative side when it comes to acting.

She is willing to put her ass on you in two different positions: Facesitting and 69. She is not afraid to put a little pressure on you and let you feel her squirm with pleasure in the process.

She is active in many fetishes, so don't be afraid to expose her to your needs and she will tell you if she is willing to fulfill them, because after all at the moment she is in charge.

If you want to contact Rayssa or any of the girls, feel free to enter our main page Theory Love Escorts and search for her name and schedule your appointment. Remember, in addition to providing you with a fiery sexual encounter, they can be excellent escorts that attract looks.

Should you try humiliating London escorts at least once

Posted Monday, 31st October 2022 4:43 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  blonde  brunette  escorts  escorts,  Humiliation  in  london  london, 

Trying different things during your life should be one of your goals. If you want to have a healthy sex life, you have to be the type of person who knows how to have fun. Having a humiliating experience with someone that you love is something normal, and there are lots of other people who think the same. If you are thinking about having a humiliating experience, then we encourage you to do it. Maybe you have never tried it before, and you are not sure about what to do, but it won't be a problem. In this case, all you need to do is to find a beautiful humiliation London escorts in our agency. The diversity that you will find here will make it much easier for you to find the girl that you have always liked. It doesn't matter where you live because we have girls in different countries, so one is going to be near you. For example, you can meet a girl in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cottingham, Bridilgton, and many others. If you want to check the full list, then you can find it in countries list.

humiliation london escorts

All these facilities will make it easier for you to find a beautiful, humiliating London escort. But finding a beautiful call girl near you is not such a big problem in our company. If you look at our escorts list, you won't need more than a few minutes to find the one that perfectly fits you. But what should you do to find the one that will give you the humiliating experience that you are waiting for? About this, we want to make sure that things are going to be done correctly. There is one reason why we are so confident, and that reason is experience. All our call girls are experienced enough to give you moments that you have never tried before. Even if this is the first time that you are trying it. You are going to learn from one of the best girls ever. All you need to do is to check if the girl that you like will give you a humiliating experience. If she does, surely you are going to have an unforgettable date.


Booking a humiliation London escort is one of the best ideas you have ever had if this is your first time. Having fun during sex will make you feel more comfortable and confident. One of the reasons why most of our clients don't like to try humiliating is because they think that this desire is weird. We want to make you sure that this is not weird at all. There are lots of clients who do it periodically, and sometimes it's hard to find a free girl who will give you a humiliating experience. If you are the type of guy trying it for the first time, then we suggest you hurry. Choose the girl that you think fits you better and give us a phone call or send us an email.

Double fisting, double of fun with a Fisting Escort London.

Posted Tuesday, 25th October 2022 10:44 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  N/A 

Did you know that the vagina is one of the most elastic parts of the body? That door of desire can expand enormously when a woman is aroused and you will be surprised to know that even your two hands could enter the vagina of one of our fisting escort London for your complete pleasure. When you get the chance to double fist-fuck one of the hot ladies that are in this agency are the best because you won’t want to go back to boring and casual sex and that is because with them everything have that extra edge that elevates the experience.

When you do a double fist-fuck you can get really horny because of how much that beautiful girl will open up to show you everything she can put in. Put your hands on the bellows position and get into that wet spot that is waiting for foe you. Fisting escort London will be not only given their body for your pleasure, but with them, you can also learn from the best od the best about visiting service and your teacher can be a sexy mature, BBW or any woman you want to please these things you want.

Our girls are unique in offering this kind of service in that with a fisting escort London you can do the double act of putting your two hands in their womb while giving them a lot of pleasure. This service is very exclusive and not all agencies offer it, but we always think of you and your taste because you can find those types of girls who will open up to the maximum for you to fulfil that double vaginal fantasy you want to explore with the help of the most dedicated and accommodating ladies in this whole region. Get your hands as deep as you can and have the time of your life while giving a girl the greatest pleasure you can imagine as you enjoy the sensations and your best life.

Cute small tities escorts London are available for you

Posted Tuesday, 25th October 2022 10:43 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  boobs,  chest,  escorts  Little  london  small  tits  tits, 

If you are in London you will have noticed that there are many beautiful girls around you and you have probably wanted to have an affair with one of them but it is not always easy for a lady to agree to have casual sex. But if we told you that you can stay a day with a girl, how would you choose her? Because if you like small tities girls you are in the right place for what you want. Small tities escorts London are beautiful women of different ages who offer sexual services to gentlemen who are looking for an unforgettable night under the stars of this majestic city. All of them are characterized because their clients day they end up very satisfied and wanting to repeat the experience and the best thing is that there it a great variety from which you can choose with us

We take care of finding the best girls in this place who want to offer nights of passion to men like you, this is your time to play with small teen tits and feel how youth runs through your body. There are beautiful girls with platinum blonde hair, redheads with flames on their hair or sexy hot brunettes. All the small titties escorts London are professionals making the boys feel excited from the first moment with their flirtatious looks. If you want to be one of their victims, we assure you that they will make you warm up very easily so be careful with coming quickly because these ladies want to work on your body all night.

small tits London Escorts

You can book to spend as many hours as you want with the small tities escorts London, the ladies have full availability and will arrive at your door when you request it. You can also say if you want them to wear a specific type of bra that makes you horny and they will put on a sensual slow show for you. This is your chance to be with a sweet girl and caress or squeeze some youthful nipples.

Enjoy a passionate night with Petite Escorts London!

Posted Tuesday, 25th October 2022 10:42 pm by Theory Love Escort 0 comments » Tags:  N/A 

Having a wild night of sex is possible with our Petite Escorts London as their size allows them to have more agility, flexibility, stamina, and speed. Will there be anything better than that? These girls have everything for you to enjoy a passionate night with crazy sex because they are even easier to carry and you can practice as many positions as you want, there will be no limits when it comes to having fun in bed with them, let your imagination fly and you will enjoy many emotions that you did not know. Once you start you will not be prepared for how it will end.

We can give you a preview of how the night will be with petite escorts London to take your imagination to the next level, each experience will be different, we recommend that you let yourself go and leave your fears aside. They can be dressed as you wish and once they take off their clothes and you see everything that small package was hidden behind the fabrics you will be stunned, your heart rate will start to increase so fast that you will not notice when your dick will be stiff waiting for the action. What will happen next will exceed your every expectation.

If you were looking for a night where you could enjoy 100% then you chose the right Petite Escorts London will not rest for a second until you reach your happy ending. They have many interesting ideas ready to do with you, from positions to many other elements that you will love. Our ladies are excited that you decide to book them for you to live a night that you have not had so far, their little attributes can drive all the lucky ones crazy, don't wait for someone else to tell you about it, and enjoy the best night of your life.

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